EU Immigrants. EU Citizens (Chapter 3): A building

by Performing Architectures-
Associate artist/performer-Ugly Duck, London


My participation as independent artist in Chapter 3 of Andreas Skourtis’ EU Immigrants.EU Citizens project was an original immersive performance. Monotime was an autobiographically-inspired interactive and perfomative ‘game’ based on pivotal personal moments during my six-year life in London and relevant invitations for each spectator-player’s active participation. Every spectator-player was invited by my persona Dr Monotime to throw the dice, to find the numbered card in the space, to read the invitation and eventually enact it with the support of Dr Monotime and the other members of the audience. As a result, the performance could not exist without at least one spectator-player while at the same time it could never repeat itself.

For my work as performer-researcher, Monotime became the ground for the exploration of a form of immersive performance which I identify as somatic immersive theatre. In addition to the spectator’s necessary active participation for the enactment of the performance and its emergent multiple nature, I was interested in exploring the double role of a performer-facilitator who could hold for each spectator not only a performative but also a potentially releasing experience through a contemporary relational approach to catharsis.

photo credits: Performing Architectures

Performing Architectures